Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Toll Free: 800-407-0250
Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Comprehensive Representation In Natural Resources Cases

The natural resources lawyers of Rich & Henderson, P.C., provide legal counsel to developers, mining operations and individual landowners statewide. We advise on reclamation and redevelopment initiatives, construction projects, and issues involving endangered species and habitat protection restrictions. Our goal is to help clients obtain necessary approvals for projects and avoid future liability and litigation.

The Natural Resource Law Representation We Provide

Our attorneys offer focused representation for a diverse clientele in the following areas:

Mining Permits, Compliance And Reclamation

  • Permitting for sand and gravel mines and quarries
  • Approvals to reclaim mined lands for other uses

Sensitive-Area Protection

  • Endangered species and habitat protection-area permit and development issues
  • Tree and vegetation protection ordinances
  • Covenants and conservation easements
  • Steep slope protection
  • Critical Areas Commission approvals for developments along the Chesapeake Bay and Eastern Shore

Wetlands And Waterways Development

  • Commercial or residential construction requiring wetlands permits from the Maryland Department of Environment and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the Rivers and Harbors Act and Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act
  • Maryland Port Administration matters, such as dredging and creation of dredge spoil islands in Chesapeake Bay
  • Watershed impacts and changes in downstream water flow from upstream developments
  • Commercial and residential pier permits

Water Supplies And Water Rights

  • Groundwater permits
  • Water supply issues
  • Storm water issues

We also handle litigation arising from natural resources issues, including water rights and environmental impacts. Our law firm routinely provides advice and legal services regarding agricultural law, aquaculture, mining, wetlands, waterways and floodplains, and a variety of issues related to forestry and forest conservation.

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To speak with attorneys Tim Henderson or Peter Hershey for more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Rich & Henderson, P.C., by calling 410-267-5900 or 1-800-407-0250 toll free. Our office is in Annapolis, Maryland, and we provide representation throughout the Baltimore area.