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Toll Free: 800-407-0250
Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Experienced Environmental Law Representation

Rich & Henderson, P.C., represents a variety of industries, companies, developers and individuals, particularly those involved in the waste management and recycling fields. We assist clients in obtaining permit approvals and adopting proactive compliance strategies. We also perform environmental due diligence in advance of business or property transactions, and defend clients charged with environmental violations by states and the federal government.

Our lawyers and staff at Rich & Henderson, P.C., offer a broad perspective well beyond that of traditional legal services. We fully explain environmental liability risks to clients and prospective clients alike. We discuss statutory and common law sources of liability and consider the concerns of the varied parties involved. We provide checklists and draft suggestions to assist in environmental transaction planning.

As agency restrictions and review have become more stringent, the importance of experienced advice has increased. We walk developers through the maze of requirements in state and federal environmental statutes, land use law and financing. We provide early planning and advocacy to avoid future environmental exposure, and project-delaying disputes. If possible we negotiate with regulatory agencies and interested civic groups; where necessary we litigate to obtain the needed result.

The Environmental Law Services We Provide

Rich & Henderson, P.C., provides a wide variety of environmental legal services to businesses and individuals, including:

Environmental Permits And Environmental Compliance

Regulatory compliance and permit approvals are critical to the mission and success of our clients. Rich & Henderson, P.C., clients rely on our ability to guide them through the complex array of federal, state and local environmental regulations.

New construction and new facilities trigger a number of permitting and compliance obligations. Changes in manufacturing processes typically require pre-construction air, water, solid or hazardous waste permit approvals or permit modifications. So do facility expansions and existing permit renewals. We assist in every phase of the permitting process or any related compliance issues, including representation in administrative hearings or public hearings.

Uniquely Qualified, Extensively Experienced

Our environmental and natural resources attorneys possess the comprehensive knowledge and relevant experience required to solve complex legal issues and prevent complications. Warren Rich is a former Counsel to the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, practicing in this field of law since 1965. Tim Henderson holds degrees in environmental science and land resources, and formerly worked for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Law Institute, and he has practiced law since 1980. holds degrees in natural resource management, biology and chemistry, and formerly represented the Maryland Department of the Environment; he has practiced in this area of law since 1990.

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For more information about our environmental law practice, contact Rich & Henderson, P.C., to schedule a consultation. Call us toll free 1-800-407-0250. Our office is in Annapolis, and we provide representation throughout the entire Baltimore metro area.