Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Toll Free: 800-407-0250
Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Defense Of Landowners And Developers

One of the core areas of our practice at Rich & Henderson, P.C., involves representing and defending landowners, developers and businesses. Our lawyers routinely represent and defend landowners in environmental and land use enforcement actions brought by the U.S. Government, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the State of Maryland, including the Maryland Department of the Environment, and various local governments throughout Maryland. We have defended large and small landowners, developers and businesses in a variety of matters including:

  • Critical area violations;
  • Tidal and nontidal wetland violations;
  • Forestry and forest conservation violations;
  • Pier, revetments, riprap, and bulkhead issues;
  • Solid waste and recycling violations;
  • Pollution and spills;
  • Septic and sewage;
  • Zoning violations.

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