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Toll Free: 800-407-0250
Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys

Defense Of Landowners And Developers

One of the core areas of our practice at Rich & Henderson, P.C., involves representing and defending landowners, developers and businesses. Our lawyers routinely represent and defend landowners in environmental and land use enforcement actions brought by the state of Maryland and/or local government. We have defended large and small landowners, developers and businesses in a variety of matters including:

  • Critical area violations;
  • Tidal and nontidal wetland violations;
  • Forest conservation violations;
  • Pier and boathouse construction;
  • Revetment and bulkhead issues;
  • Solid waste and recycling violations;
  • Zoning violations.

Contact attorneys Tim Henderson or Robert Fuoco for an initial consultation. Contact our office by calling 1-800-407-0250.