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Toll Free: 800-407-0250
Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Agriculture Law

Rich & Henderson, P.C., was one of the first law firms to apply its substantial administrative and regulatory experience to help farm operations navigate state and federal agency requirements and we continue to do so today, addressing water quality and general operational regulations including:

  • AFO/CAFO requirements;
  • NMPs and CNMPs (nutrient application, manure storage, mortality, composting, etc.);
  • Storm water management and plans;
  • Discharge permits (groundwater and surface water);
  • Water appropriation;
  • Resolution of disputes with neighboring property owners via the MDA mediation program and through litigation;
  • Pesticide application;
  • Organic conversion and certification;
  • Animal housing, medication and overall treatment;
  • Dust control and air emissions;
  • Agricultural Use Exemption (tax) applications, denials and revocation;
  • Agricultural Transfer Tax Declaration of Intent “violations” and penalties.

Our lawyers work hard to help our clients attain and maintain compliance and to defend against challenges to the operation of big and small farms as well as food production facilities. We defend agricultural interests from government agencies at the state and federal levels as well as from private environmental or animal advocacy and community groups.

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