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Toll Free: 800-407-0250
Maryland Environmental Law Attorneys
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Critical Area Real Estate Law

The lawyers at Rich & Henderson, P.C., have been actively involved in all aspects of Maryland’s Critical Area Law and regulations from the time the law was adopted and the regulations were first promulgated. They have worked at the state and local levels to protect the rights of property owners while protecting these sensitive areas so critical to the environment and water quality in the Chesapeake, in keeping with the intent of the law. Our experience includes:

  • Land uses and property designations in the critical area
  • Application of the law to various properties and projects
  • Applications and support for critical-area growth allocations
  • Proper regulatory control of buffers and buffer-exempt areas
  • Variances for uses and buffer restrictions
  • Drafting and revising county and municipal critical-area legislation, plans and programs
  • Challenging and defending decisions under the critical area law and/or local programs

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