Shaping State And Federal Environmental Law And Policy Through Lobbying

The law firm of Rich & Henderson, P.C, lobbies on behalf of commercial and industrial operations based in Maryland and neighboring states, with emphasis on environmental and natural resources lobbying. Based in Annapolis, our proximity to Washington, D.C., enables us to promote the interests of our clientele in both state and federal environmental law.

Working On Behalf Of Maryland's Business Community

Important policy decisions are made by Maryland's General Assembly and Congress, which result in the enactment of new laws or the amendment of existing ones. These policy decisions impact virtually every business in the state, and may result in additional environmental compliance regulatory requirements, duties, costs, and liability. Groups representing various and diverse points of view attempt to influence legislation and gain favorable advantages. Business, if it is to remain strong and competitive, must also be in a position to influence legislative decision-making.

Experienced Lobbying Lawyers

Our legal team has excellent knowledge of the legislative process and the significant decision makers in that process. We also monitor and help shape regulations developed by the state and federal agencies to implement the laws once enacted. Specifically, the firm's environmental practice actively participates in the development, promulgation, and implementation of regulations by the Maryland Department of the Environment and federal Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have a particular issue of concern, or wish to know more about Rich & Henderson, P.C.'s legislative work, contact our law firm to speak with attorneys Tim Henderson by calling 410-267-5900 or 1-410-417-7778 toll free. We have offices in Annapolis and Easton, Maryland.